The city of San Francisco is worried about the expansion of the self-driving cars, not because they are against the tech, but because they are concerned that #cruise and #waymo robocars will slow down a large percentage of commuters.

The city has logged many complaints but they are now asking for ideas on how to proceed.

What if we measured performance instead of relying on anecdotes, ideology and marketing?

I envision a plug and play device on each self-driving car for monitoring and tracking. It would need to be 1) interoperable, 2) standard and 3) external to the company responsible for the car. In addition to telematics we would ideally track the nearby cars so we could monitor behavior relative to its peers. Is it going slower or faster? What is its impact on the roadway? Is it preventing the steady flow of traffic (as city officials claim)?

How can we expect to regulate or improve what we refuse to measure?




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