We provide 'Perfect Positioning' where it is needed most. Our solution is the enabler for safe, adaptive motion.

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W8less Micropositioning


Because a little knowledge goes a long way...


Micropositioning accuracy in cm (5-30cm)


Global Indoor Service Robot Market Growth (CAGR %) from 2018-2022


Global Autonomous Vehicle Market Growth (CAGR %) from 2018-2022


Mining automation market value by 2023 (in Billions - USD)

Key Considerations

Why micropositioning

Accurate positioning enables increased efficiency for new and existing position-based applications

Beyond GPS

Consistent centimeter-level micropositioning changes everything

Time Critical

Real-time reporting and visibility is critical in making timely decisions to take advantage of optimal conditions

Global Support

Our team has representation and personnel to support our globally connected platform and customer base

Partner Ecosystem

Our hand-picked partners range from hardware manufacturers to software engineering firms

Service Anywhere/Everywhere

Our micropositioning platform allows for positioning in open, covered, indoor and even underground locations


We are group of experienced leaders in the fields of autonomy and positioning

David Bruemmer

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Debrossse

Chief Technology Officer

Nathaniel Krassnoff

Chief Revenue Officer

Justin Schlaefli

VP, Transportation Programs

Bob King

VP, Smart City Programs

Few Words About Us

W8less is led by business, technology and industry leaders across the globe. Our goal is to provide the best and most accurate positioning solutions for both public and private sector organizations. The W8less Cloud platform and micropositioning hardware are were created to allow us to scale to the needs of small as well as multi-national organizations.

W8less In The News

Our progress and contributions to the world of positioning


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